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How to write the perfect Christmas card

With the dawn of the digital era, the Christmas card is giving way to online e-cards. However, it is still lovely to receive a card in the post, and with hundreds of designs these days, you can send anything from artwork to jokes.

As we get used to sending emails and texts, let’s remind ourselves of what to include in a traditional Christmas card:

Season’s greetings

A card often supplies this, but a simple handwritten “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” adds a personal touch.

Something personal

Depending on how well you know the recipient, share some personal news. This is the perfect chance to mention a big event, something exciting that’s coming up or if you’ve had a change of address or phone number.

Religious verse

If the recipient is of faith, they would likely appreciate a bible verse or words of blessing in their card. If they are not, an uplifting affirmation or saying is a nice way to inspire them.

Sign your card

This might seem a tad obvious, but it’s surprising how many cards are received with the sender unknown or an illegible signature. Have a think about how well you know the recipient and how many others they might know with your name. Adding a surname or including all the family rather than just “and the kids” will give your recipient the clues they need.

While writing Christmas cards can seem like another time-consuming job, and perhaps not as much fun as putting up the Christmas decorations, taking some time to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them is a truly festive activity and a chance to remember those far away.

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