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How to look after orchids

Orchids are sometimes said to be difficult to grow, but follow these simple tips and you should be rewarded with plants that flower often and, like your Supremo Bari garden furniture, last for a long time.

Read the label

Make sure you retain and refer to the label that came with your orchid, as different types require different conditions.

The right light

The ideal spot for most orchids is an east or west facing position, where the light is bright but indirect. Too much direct light can scorch the leaves.


Orchids generally thrive in damp conditions that replicate those in the tropical areas from whence they came. If in a dry room, mist the leaves every 2 to 3 days – or keep them in a humid room such as a bathroom.

Do not overwater

Overwatering can kill orchids. Water only when the pot is light to lift; if it is heavy, then there is sufficient water already.


Feed orchids with orchid fertiliser from spring through to autumn.

Get more flowers

Once the flowers have died on a moth orchid, trim the stem just above a joint. Another stem may grow here, which should be clipped to a support. Orchids tend not to flower twice on a stem, so trim spent ones straightaway.

Pest control

Check leaves for stickiness or powdery, black mould. Use a soapy sponge or an insecticide to remove scale insects or mealybugs.


Moth orchids do not need re-potting often, but every two to three years you can remove as much of the old compost as possible and repot with new compost.

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