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Five of the best plants for butterflies

One of the highlights of summer has to be the sight of gloriously coloured butterflies flitting about on their gossamer wings – especially when they settle awhile on a flower, affording you a closer look.

If you want to spot more butterflies when relaxing on your Lifestyle garden furniture, why not make sure you have some of their favourite plants in your garden to attract them? Make sure you plant in a sunny spot if possible, for the maximum chance of receiving prettily winged visitors.

1. Buddleia

Buddleia is surely THE quintessential butterfly plant – a shrub is barely seen with our the adornment of a butterfly or two, particularly species such as the peacock, small tortoiseshell or red admiral.

2. Verbena

This is a tall plant, with late-flowering blooms on strong, slim stems. Very rich in nectar, it is therefore beneficial to bees as well as butterflies.

3. Hebe

Hebe flowers are also incredibly rich in nectar, and flower in midsummer. This evergreen shrub should help attract the same red and orange coloured species of butterfly as buddleia.

4. Oregano

This one can double up as delightful way to add flavour to your food, particularly when you’re cooking Italian-style pasta or pizza dishes. Otherwise known as marjoram, the pink blooms of this herb tend to attract common blue, gatekeeper, meadow brown and peacock butterflies.

5. Lavender

Lavender will add a divine fragrance to your garden, and is known to attract scores of bees. Its nectar also appeals to butterflies, who will flock to your garden to feast and rest on the flowers.

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