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Fun garden activities for children

As the 23rd to 30th May is Children’s Gardening Week, here are a few simple suggestions for getting your children involved in some fun gardening activities.

Build a bug hotel

Making a home for all sorts of fascinating bugs like woodlice and beetles couldn’t be easier – you’ll need twigs, leaves, a plastic bottle or large milk carton and some string. Lie your plastic bottle down and cut off the end to create a wide opening. Tie your twigs into bundles and pack them into the empty bottle and fill the gaps with leaves. Add a few bits of moss or grass and then tuck your bottle into a tree or wedge between a couple of stones on the ground. Check for interesting visitors daily.

Have a family sunflower competition

Choose a nice sunny spot and have each family member plant a sunflower seed – the best time to plant is early June. Plant close to your rattan garden furniture so you can monitor progress regularly. Label each plant carefully so you’ll know which plant grows the tallest and wins. Stake the sunflowers as they grow to support lots of vertical growth.

Make a mini vegetable patch

Even the smallest garden can house a mini vegetable patch – you only need a small area to dig over, or a deep container to plant in. Plants like little gem lettuce, watercress and radishes give you great results in two or three weeks. Courgettes, strawberries and pumpkins take a bit longer, but your children will love their vibrant colours and will hopefully enjoy eating the results of their hard work.

Getting your children into gardening is enormously beneficial for their health and wellbeing, and it’s fun!

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