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How to protect your garden from squirrels

Grey squirrels, originally natives of the USA, have thrived since their introduction here over a century ago. With an estimated 2.7 million grey squirrels in the UK, these fluffy, double-jointed, clever animals are now a common fixture in our gardens.

It can be hard to love squirrels when they are digging up your bulbs or raiding your bird feeder, but there are a few easy steps you can take to help you to coexist happily with these fascinating creatures.

Protect your plants

Protect bulbs by laying chicken wire or mesh over the top of your whole area of planting and securing the edges with landscape pins. If you then cover this with mulch or bark, your anti-squirrel device will be hidden. For seedlings, a mesh or wire cage to protect them whilst they get established is a good idea.

Make fruit and nut trees harder to access by trimming lower branches and wrapping the trunk in a circle of tin foil. While not the most attractive solution, it makes climbing much harder for hungry squirrels. Protect outside furniture from curious nibblers with covers, such as the Garland garden furniture covers.

Protect your property

Whilst squirrels can be simply an annoyance in the garden, they can do some fairly serious damage if they get into your property, as anyone who has had chewed wires or a blocked chimney can testify. To stop them getting inside, opt for a cover for your tumble dryer vent and invest in squirrel-proof covers for any chimneys no longer in use.

Whether you see squirrels as unwelcome trespassers or welcome visitors, it’s hard not to admire their ingenuity and persistence. However, by following these simple steps, your garden and home will be protected.

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