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Five ways to make your front garden more attractive

For many of us, lockdown walks have given us the chance to really get to know our local area and to appreciate the curb appeal of a well-tended and thoughtfully designed front garden. In fact, it’s perfectly normal to have experienced some level of envy over the past few months. Below are some ideas to help create that “wow” factor in your own front garden, whatever its size.

Fencing, railings and hedges

Having a neat, attractive and clearly defined frontage makes your property look much more styled. Keeping hedges trimmed, fences and railings repainted and gateways clear is a priority, and you could consider updating any house number or name signs for a fresh look. If you can keep your boundary at chest height, you can ensure sufficient light penetrates the house while maintaining an acceptable level of privacy.

Weeding, mowing and sweeping

Keep your paths and driveway weed-free by treating them regularly with a weed killer spray. A front lawn sees little traffic and is much easier to keep looking pristine – feed and mow at regular intervals to thicken up the grass, and edge with a semi-circular bladed lawn edging tool for a sharp, professional look. If your bins need to be placed out front, think about creating a screened area using ready-made fence panelling or specially designed willow screening.

Porches and front doors

Your front door will look much more welcoming if it’s clean, has a fresh lick of paint and a couple of well-placed planters. If your porch is in the shade, artificial plants like ferns and buxus in heritage pots can be a good choice. For a sunnier spot, flanking your doorway with pots of trailing lobelia, pansies and geraniums creates a warm, Mediterranean vibe. Hanging baskets at the front of the house are another attractive way of showing your property is well cared for, and if you can link them into an automated watering system, they will effectively look after themselves.


Even if it’s unlikely to be sat upon, a bench, chair or little bistro set in your front garden provides a focal point and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Wrought iron pieces in muted shades are a sophisticated option, and rattan has a timeless appeal. Well-placed garden ornaments and some bunting can add to the sense that it is a cared for space, although subtlety is the key – on over-abundance of garden gnomes, for example, might attract attention for all the wrong reasons!

Porch and pathway lighting

We’re all drawn to light, and a softly glowing lamp on a porch is a comforting sight. Add to that some specifically designed low-level pathway solar lighting, and your house will look just as good after sunset as it does throughout the day.

Keeping your front garden looking clean, tidy and cared for makes all the difference, and a small number of low-cost, easy additions can transform a functional space into a sight you will be proud of and your neighbours will envy.

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