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Top desserts you can cook on your BBQ

Spring has arrived, you’ve got your rattan garden furniture set up and you’re hungry for some alfresco dining. While we tend to think of BBQ food as a strictly savoury affair, here are some delicious desserts you can cook on your BBQ:

Pineapple rounds

A pineapple’s dense texture makes it ideal for grilling. Simply slice into 2cm thick rounds, brush with a mixture of softened butter, cinnamon and brown sugar and grill on both sides. You want the sugars to caramelise and the fruit to take on the lovely dark grill stripes.

Strawberry, peach and mango kebabs

Cut your peaches and mangoes into cubes that match the size of your halved strawberries, so that all your fruit cooks evenly. Thread the fruit onto skewers, and simply pop on the grill and turn regularly. These are great for children, and for extra sweetness you can add marshmallows to your skewers.

Gooey banana and chocolate parcels

Halve the bananas lengthways and place on tin foil. Add a sprinkling of giant chocolate buttons, two teaspoons of chocolate spread and some thin slices of pre-bought fudge. Wrap loosely into parcels and sit these your grill for about 25 minutes – they’re soft, sweet and delicious.

Griddled pancakes

Make a basic pancake batter in advance. Pour enough to make a side plate-sized pancake on to the griddle section of the BBQ and be ready to flip when nicely browned on one side.

Served with ice cream or a hot caramel or chocolate sauce, these recipes are tried and tested crowd pleasers.

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