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Five flowering bulbs for February planting

While it’s still more than a little too nippy to sit out on your garden furniture, there are some bulbs you can plant in the second month of the year to get ahead for summer blooming. These include the following:

1. Summer Hyacinths

Summer hyacinths (or Galtonia) favour being planted in well-drained soil that occupies a sunny position. Large drifts of these elegant plants look especially good, with their lofty spikes of pale snowdrop-like flowers.

2. Lilies

Lilies really do have it all – size, colour and scent. They can be planted between autumn and spring, and are best positioned in a sunny area with rich soil that is well drained. They also make good container plants if your garden has wet, heavy soil.

3. Agapanthus

A wide range of agapanthus can be grown, and it’s best to begin with a container as they can then be brought under cover as required to protect from frost. Once the season of subzero temperatures has passed, they can be placed outdoors in a sunny spot.

4. Pineapple Lilies

Pineapple lilies (or Eucomis) are often planted during spring, but can be planted now in pots as they can cope with temperatures of around -5°C when growing in well-drained soil. After the last frosts, they can be moved to the border.

5. Liatris

This is a hardy North American herbaceous perennial that butterflies and bees adore. Bulbs are best planted in well-drained, light soil, and the showy flowers come in pretty shades of purple, pink and white.

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