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What’s the best spot for a garden bench?

Charles Taylor garden furniture has everything from six-seater dining sets to small garden planters. You can also buy a simple two-seater bench as a beautiful rest spot or to fill a corner. Here are some considerations when deciding the best spot to position your bench.

Near or far?

If you have a large garden space, you may have the choice of positioning your bench right by the house or far off. Do you want this extra seating to be a natural extension of your home, or a spot to escape to?

Focal point or secluded?

When you have a beautiful furniture piece to show off, there is nothing wrong with it being the focal point of the garden. It could sit in the middle of a stretch of wall or fence with shrubs, trees or large pots either side, or underneath a pergola. Alternatively, it could be a hidden treasure tucked away around a foliage corner if you want to disappear with a good book and not be disturbed.

Front or back?

The tendency is to have garden furniture in the back garden, but there is nothing to stop you putting it under a window or in a corner to the front if you have space. You could watch the world go by and chat to passers-by over your morning coffee.

Sun or shade?

Think about where and when the sun hits your garden and then consider if you want your rest spot to be a sun-basking area or a retreat in the cool.

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