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Welcome Robins to the Garden

The sight of a red-breasted robin is almost synonymous with Christmas in the UK.  At Burleydam Garden Centre you’ll see them on many a Christmas card and their festive red plumage is a cheery sight on a frosty winter’s day.  Revered by gardeners as hungry eaters of garden pests, these beautiful wild birds will often follow you in the garden as you dig in the hope you might unearth a tasty worm or two.

These iconic birds can be territorial and if you attract them to your garden they will delight you with their beautiful birdsong.  In the winter like many garden birds they find the cold months testing and 70 per cent of them will perish before they reach 12 months old.  The first winter can be the toughest so it’s important to support them with food and water through the harsh winter months.

Read on for some tips on caring for our British Robins:

  • Supplement their diet with insect rich food.  Choose one that is tailor to Robins and you’ll soon see these puff-chested little characters hopping around your garden.

  • Robins tend to prefer ground feeding but will also eat at a bird table.

  • Try dried mealworms as a tasty treat – they have even been known to eat them from hand!

  • Always include a small dish of water for them to drink and bathe in.

For advice on how to attract wildlife to your garden ask one of our expert team at Burleydam Garden Centre.

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