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Three scents for an instant Christmas feel

The tree is up, the Christmas decorations are in place and the presents are wrapped. When you’ve hit the part of Christmas when you get to sit back and relax in the cosy atmosphere, you can add to the ambience with some Christmassy scents. Here are three classic aromas to instantly put you in a festive mood:


There is no doubt that the warming smell of gingerbread is a hallmark of Christmas. Bake gingerbread men and decorate with red and white icing or go full hog with a gingerbread house. Then, sit back and enjoy the spoils.

Mulled wine

Whether you love it or hate it, the smell of mulled wine bubbling on the stove is a perfect Christmas scent. You can buy a bottle in the shops, or, if you’re feeling creative, look up a home-made recipe. It’s the perfect cosy night accompaniment to a mince pie or Christmas cookie.

Christmas tree

Of course, the smell of a real Christmas tree is an instant Christmas mood starter. If you prefer an artificial Christmas tree, you can still create the pine needle scent. Simply have a simmer pot on the go, boil some water and add fruits, spices and leaves to create your fragrance. Pine needles, cloves and cinnamon sticks is a great festive option.

These are great natural options, but there are a huge array of candles, wax melts and incense sticks to fragrance your home with over the Christmas holidays as well. Use any combination to bring the feeling of peace and joy to your home in December.

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