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Native wildflowers to grow in your garden

Wildflowers are enjoying something of a revival. Councils and other organisations now often plant wildflower meadows with the aim of providing nourishment for bees, and our native flowers are also becoming increasingly popular with gardeners.

Here are some of the best ones to grow on your patch, perhaps to complement your Rattan garden furniture.


One of the earliest plants to flower, the pretty pale yellow flowers of the primrose are a very welcome sight after a cold winter.

Lily of the Valley

Prized for its superb scent, the dainty white bells of this fragrant flowering plant pop up in spring to delight the senses. This plant can really flourish, even in poor soil.

Ragged Robin

This hardy wildflower is easy to grow, as it is happy in sunny or partially shaded spots. A delicate pink flower, it is happiest facing south or west, and provides vital nectar for bees and other pollinating insects.

Snake’s Head Fritillary

It can be difficult to believe that this isn’t a plant from more exotic climes, but it is indeed native to East Anglia and central Southern England. It provides stunning, nodding flowers with a purple chequered pattern.


The gorgeous, distinctive blue hue of the cornflower makes it perennially popular. The name stems from the fact that it often popped up in cornfields across Britain and Europe.

Corn Marigold

The bright yellow of this marigold provides a striking contrast to other British wildflowers, such as cornflowers or ox-eye daisies. It loves the sun, so make sure you plant this one in an exposed spot.

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