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The best herbs to grow indoors

If your growing space is confined to an indoor windowsill, this need not stop you growing fresh herbs at home. Doing so is satisfying in itself, and can also make so much difference to your cooking.

If you have no prior experience, it’s simplest to start by buying herbs that have already been nurtured at your local garden centre.

Here are some of the best indoor herbs to grow. With all of the following, it’s worth harvesting your herbs often, as this will assist new growth.


Basil thrives on a sunny windowsill. It’s fabulous for adding depth to salads, and is a staple in Italian and Thai cookery. Basil is thirsty and needs frequent watering, and one plant can last for many months.


Fresh chives give a very fresh, slightly onion-like flavour to food, and are therefore a very versatile herb. They taste great with classic barbecue accompaniments such as new potatoes and salads.


Coriander imparts a unique flavour to Indian and South East Asian curries and other spiced dishes. The fresh version tastes outstanding, and nothing like its ground or seed counterparts.


Perhaps the prospect of a springtime Pimm’s alone is enough to tempt you to grow this one? If not, think of using it to pep up new potatoes.


One of the best all-round herbs there is, very few dishes – from vegetable, fish or meat dishes to Mediterranean classics – would not benefit from a sprinkling of freshly-grown parsley leaves.

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