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Making the most of your garden ornaments

Whether it’s a sleek and serene Buddha, a classical urn, a decorative bird carved from stone or a contemporary piece made in metal, the right ornaments can really give your garden the ‘wow’ factor.

The idea, though, is to catch the attention, rather than to overwhelm. A few carefully selected and placed objects can really bring a garden to life. As with property, it’s all about location, so these tips might help ensure your chosen pieces give you a great view from your Supremo Bari garden furniture.

Ground level

It’s surely simplest to place an ornament on the ground, but will it show off your piece to its best advantage? A higher vantage point, for example at eye level, may be more suitable. You could add height, and drama, with a block of wood or plinth.

A central location

A position right in the middle of the garden is best left only to those truly dramatic centrepieces, and used as part of a carefully landscaped design.

The garden path

If there is a path within your garden, placing a piece at the end of this can give you and your visitors a better and longer view.

Separate areas

If the garden consists of a series of defined areas, you could place a decorative piece to attract attention to another area. This may encourage others to explore further.

A one-off

Large pieces work well when placed next to a tree, or before a simple foliage backdrop. Colourful flowers or leaves behind or in the foreground may draw the eye away from the ornament itself.

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