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Four reasons to rent an allotment

If you don’t have enough outdoor space to grow herbs, chillies or tomatoes, let alone for a set of Supremo Tuscany garden furniture, then perhaps you might consider an allotment. Here are some of the reasons why you should:

1. Escapism

People speak of properties, whether they are second homes or hotels, as “boltholes”, but you don’t necessarily have to travel far to escape the stress of everyday life. Having a place where you enjoy fresh air and growing flowers, fruits and vegetables can be just as therapeutic as going away for a short break or holiday.

2. The community

Most of those with an allotment find that they mix with a range of folk from the local community far more that they did previously. You can share tips and ideas, and even your produce, with your newfound friends. You can also help to educate the younger generations about food production and gardening.

3. A home for wildlife

From tiny crawling insects to pretty butterflies and tame little birds, your allotment provides a green space in which wildlife can flourish – which is especially important in built-up areas such as cities. Just make sure you protect any plants you don’t want your visitors to nibble on.

4. A mix of people

As well as a mix of wildlife, an allotment provides the gardener with the chance to meet all sorts of people with whom they might not otherwise have come into contact. The shared love of gardening can lead to strong friendships that transcend any perceived barriers of gender, age, race and class.

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