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Make Your Poinsettia Last!

There is nothing like a cheery Poinsettia to say it’s Christmas!  At Burleydam this Christmas we have a beautiful range – perfect to dress the table and lovely as a gift.

Although these plant originate from Mexico they are easy to care for, contrary to popular belief.  Here are some tips on keeping a healthy Poinsettia this festive season:

Keep the Temperature Steady

Your Poinsettia won’t like fluctuating temperatures faring well at a steady room temperature of between 13 and 20°C.  They flourish in warm, light conditions so are happy close to a radiator well away from drafts.  Keep them well away from windows, doorways and the fireplace.

Check the Leaves

Look out for leaves that are falling off or turning yellow.  This could mean that you are overwatering.  Like Orchids, Poinsettias need little water so limit it to a few sips every couple of days.  However keep an eye on the roots as these should never dry out.

Daily Mist

For vibrant colour, use a mist spray each day to keep humidity levels high.


If you feed your Poinsettia you can look forward to a beautiful display through to March.  Feed with a good quality houseplant food weekly.

Save from Wilting

If your Poinsettia starts to wilt all is not lost.  Take some warm water and soak the root ball in it for about an hour.  Your plant may not last as long as usual but it should perk up again.

For more houseplants visit our Indoor Plant section.  Our helpful staff will be happy to help you choose the perfect houseplant for a gift or Christmas decoration.

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