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How to plan the perfect BBQ

The sun is shining, you’ve just taken the covers off your Supremo Barcelona garden furniture and you’re ready for your first summer barbeque (BBQ). Although a garden BBQ is a more informal affair than a dinner party, you’ll find good planning still makes for a much smoother and more enjoyable experience for hosts and guests alike. Here are some tips for planning a successful BBQ:

Be prepared for bad weather

Firstly, choose food options that can just as easily be cooked in an oven, such as kebabs, chicken wings, steaks, sausages and burgers. Also, having plates, glasses and cutlery organised on trays allow for easy transport in the event of a downpour. It’s wise to have rugs and blankets ready for unexpected drops in temperature, and small gazebos are relatively cheap and are a blessing when it rains.

BBQ safety

Make sure your BBQ is on a solid base and try to have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water nearby for emergencies. Use oven gloves when turning items on the grill, and a useful tip is to wear long sleeves and an apron to protect you from fat splashes. Waiting until your BBQ is cool before moving it is advised.

Food and drink

Always have plenty of nibbles ready to keep your hungry guests happy while the main food cooks. Consider having some pre-prepared drinks in a cool box – a jug of sangria, a pitcher of Pimm’s or some cold beers usually do the trick. It can also be helpful to have your salads, condiments and breads ready on serving trays before your guests arrive. For a simple dessert, buy a range of ice creams and toppings and arrange a ‘help yourself’ tray – fun, delicious and easy!

Finally, provide outside games like giant Jenga, quoits or croquet to make your BBQ really go down a treat.

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