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How to keep your lawn looking its best

A beautifully mowed lawn makes your garden look manicured, and the sound of mowing creates a delightful soundtrack to a fine summer’s day. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your lawn looking its best:

Feeding and seeding

Late spring is the perfect time to reseed any sparse areas of your lawn and to give it a good feed with a specialised lawn fertiliser. Try to do this when the ground is wet, or when rain is expected. If you have an overabundance of moss, scarify to remove, but don’t be too over-zealous, or you could be left with mostly bare earth.


It’s tempting to put your mower on a short setting, particularly if mowing the lawn is one of your least favourite jobs and you want to avoid having to do it too frequently. It is advisable, however, to keep your grass longer on its first cut and then to gradually reduce the height over several cuttings. This ensures that you don’t damage the grass when it is still relatively tender, and it stops you risking bald patches that can then need reseeding.


Whilst a freshly seeded or newly turfed lawn will need regular watering until the grass is well rooted, an established lawn doesn’t need much watering – once every 10 days should suffice, unless there is a prolonged dry spell. Grass is phenomenally resilient, and even when it’s scorched brown in a heatwave, it’ll recover quickly once the rain returns.

With a green lawn as the backdrop to your Lifestyle garden furniture, your garden will be a haven of peace in the months to come.

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