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How to keep wasps away from your garden

Despite knowing how helpful they are as pollinators and pest controllers, most of us find wasps a nuisance when it comes to eating outside. Rather than reaching for wasp spray, however, try following the advice below for simple and wildlife-friendly ways to discourage wasps from your garden.

Avoid bright colours

Wasps are drawn to very all bright colours except red, which their eyes can’t see. You’ll be safe with pots of red geraniums anywhere in your garden, but limit flowers like daffodils, dahlias or marigolds and opt for a more subtle colour palette in your eating area.

Don’t feed them

Wasps are attracted to most foods, but they have a particularly sweet tooth, and love nothing more than to feast on your leftovers. Clear the table as soon as you’ve finished eating, close the BBQ lid once it’s cool and wipe up any spillages. Bins are a real problem area and a favourite haunt for hungry wasps, so don’t over fill them, keep the lid firmly closed, and, as unappealing as it may be, clean your bins regularly.

Grow wasp-repelling plants

An extremely acute sense of smell means that wasps are very sensitive to fragrance, and luckily, there are quite a few plants they really hate. Garden mint, spearmint and thyme are all deterrents for wasps, and are also useful herbs to have in the garden. Lemongrass, wormwood and eucalyptus will also help to keep the wasps away.

Finally, try burning fragrant citronella candles, which emit a fragrance that humans love, but wasps find very unpleasant.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to dine al fresco on your stylish rattan garden furniture with no unwelcome visitors in sight.

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