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How to get started with birdwatching

Birdwatching is a perfect way to quietly enjoy nature all year round, and everyone from young to old can get involved. For now, we may have to be content with birdwatching in our back gardens or from balconies. However, the day will come when we get to travel further afield.

Here are the absolute basics for getting started with birdwatching when you are able to venture out to a nature reserve or local birdwatching spot.


One of the beauties of birdwatching is how little equipment you need to get started. However, so that you can spot birds without disturbing them, a sturdy pair of binoculars is very helpful. You will likely not only want to spot birds, but identify them too, so a field journal to flick through and a notebook to record your findings are both great additions to your birdwatching kit.


Patience is key with birdwatching, and you might have to spend some time sitting quietly to get lucky, especially with the more elusive species. In order to stay comfortable, take a foldaway chair that blends in with your surroundings – Outback reclining chairs are a great choice. Also, take some snacks and a flask of something warm.

Until restrictions are lifted and we can get out and about to birdwatch, you can still enjoy the hobby from the back garden. Remember to attract birds with high-quality, fresh food and water, and your feathered visitors will keep you company until restrictions let us out again.

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