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How to create an outdoor Christmas lights display

While there’s no need to decorate the exterior of your home at Christmas, it can really brighten up those short, dark days of winter when you come home each evening to a merry display of festive lights, and a display is sure to delight any children who pass your house on their way to and from school.

As with many tasks, the process of hanging outdoor Christmas lights is made much easier by being properly prepared before you begin.

The power source

You will need Christmas lights designed for outdoor use, as well as power source to run them from, so you may also need a weatherproof outdoor extension lead or cable reel. Otherwise, opt for lighting that runs on battery power rather than mains, and make sure you stock up on the correct batteries when buying. It’s also a good idea to check all lights are working before commencing, as it will be easier to replace bulbs as required at this point. If any wiring looks damaged or worn, think twice before hanging the lights, as they could be unsafe.

Other essentials

You will also need a ladder if you want to hang your lights at any height, and a tape measure is most useful for checking the distance between the power supply and your chosen position for the lights. It’s wise to have another adult present when hanging lights, so they can secure the ladder while you climb. Additionally, they should hopefully be able to tell you how good your lights look once they’re in place!

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