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How to create a scented haven in your garden

There is no greater joy than relaxing in the garden on a sleepy summer’s afternoon amid the drifting fragrances of flowers in bloom and freshly cut grass. As we emerge from lockdown, the value we all place on immersion in the natural world has never been greater, so here are a few suggestions to bring fragrance into your garden.

Firstly, you will need somewhere lovely to sit. The Supremo Carina range, for example, includes a delightful double recliner set. Selecting furniture with indulgent deep filled cushions, several recline settings and matching footstools ensures equal measures of comfort and style.

Scented climbers

These varieties do well when planted next to a pergola or fence. Provide something for them to hold on to, be it a trellis, a wire frame or a simple horizontal arrangement of garden twine, and these plants will reward you with abundant flowers and heady scents.

Examples are star jasmine, akebia quinate, sweet peas, honeysuckle and the Albertine climbing rose.

Scented shrubs and bushes

From small specimens to much larger, mature shrubs, you’re guaranteed some heavenly fragrances from these much-loved favourites. Examples include lilac, viburnum, lavender, rhododendron, gardenia and roses.

Scented plants for pots and planters

Annuals allow you to try different combinations year on year, so you can experiment a little to find your perfect perfumes. These include heliotrope, petunias, sweet alyssum, sweet William, dianthus, peonies and Lily of the valley.

Finally, don’t forget the aromatic delights of low-growing herbs like mint, rosemary, basil, thyme and sage, which can add fragrance to your garden and flavour to your cooking.

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