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Getting started with hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way of brightening up a bare patch of wall or fence. They are ideal for patios or small spaces as they don’t take up any ground space. Here are a few points to consider when preparing a hanging basket:


The first step is to line your basket. Moss works very well, or you can use a special liner. Cut out a circle of polythene for the base of the basket to stop water running straight through, and make some holes around the edge of the liner, about 2 inches above the base.


Fill your basket to the level of the liner holes with compost. With hanging baskets, you want to aim for an impressive and full, overflowing look – a combination of trailing and upright plants will provide the desire effect. Take your trailing plants and slip them through the holes so that the roots are lying on top of the compost inside the basket. You can wrap a tube of cardboard around them for protection while you insert them. Place a saucer or pot in the middle to act as a water reservoir. Plant upright plants in the main body of the basket, shorter plants to the edges and taller plants to the middle, packing compost in around them.


Remember to water your basket regularly. Some plants do well with a liquid fertiliser once a week. When the season is over, the basket contents can go straight into the compost heap.

Following these simple steps will help to ensure your baskets last the season and, most importantly, look great.

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