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Get outdoors for Gardening Exercise Day

Originating in the USA, June 6th is Gardening Exercise Day. It began when the concept was embraced by American gardening groups and clubs, and has now grown into a nationwide phenomenon, spreading slowly across the globe.

The idea is to get people outside in the great outdoors, to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise at the same time. A bonus is that the garden might even get to look good too, which you can enjoy later from the comfort of your Rattan garden furniture.

How to get involved

Get out there

If you’d like to join in, just get yourself out of the house and get to work in your own green space. Weed the flowerbeds, water and feed the plants and mow the lawn. If you want to ramp things up a notch, you could try doing things the hard way – use shears instead of an electric hedge trimmer, for example, or dig out the dusty old manual lawnmower from the shed and give it some welly.

A sense of wellbeing

Any extra exercise is great for the body and also good for the mind. Spending time outside will also increase your intake of vitamin D. Do remember to wear sunscreen if out for prolonged periods though, especially if the early June sun is shining.

A project, perhaps?

Why not plan ahead and prepare some sort of project for the big day? This could include tidying a specific part of the garden, or planting something you’ve never grown before. If time and space permit, you could even create a vegetable patch or try growing fruit trees, vines or canes.

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