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Garden furniture- what should I put it on?

You’ve bought your sturdy Charles Taylor set or are eagerly awaiting your stylish Supremo Tuscany with alfresco dinners and sunny relaxation in mind, but you’re now wondering what is the best surface to set it on. Here are some suggestions.


The good news is that you can put your furniture straight onto your lawn and enjoy the natural look, or even move it around to maximise sunny spots throughout the day. Just bear in mind that you will need to mow the lawn around it.


With endless design and colour options, a patio is a great stable base and chic option for all garden furniture. It will stand the test of time as it is a more permanent structure with more preparation work below the surface. With that in mind, it’s less easy to alter if you fancy a change, so take your time with the design.


Wooden decking looks natural while also providing a flat, stable base. It is generally quick and easy to construct and comes in a choice of wood colours, so goes well with all furniture designs. It can be a bit slippery when wet though – something to consider if you love a very British BBQ in the rain.


Low-maintenance once in place and most people can do it themselves. Simply dig out an area and spread your gravel but explore drainage options if needed. It is harder to move furniture around on this surface so might be better for benches and seats that are going to stay in the one spot.

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