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Garden furniture for small spaces

If your outdoor space is small, it can still be transformed into a comfortable relaxation or socialising spot. The key is to be smart about your garden furniture choices and not waste a single inch, whether you have a tiny back garden or even a balcony.


Benches are great placed right up against a wall or fence. They tend to be quite upright, so there’s minimal bulk to the rear. This means they can be placed flush against the wall or fence, with leg room to the front and no space wasted at the back. As they tend to stay where they’re placed, the space beneath can be used for handy storage.

Single seats

If you’re low on space, rather than get a complete dining set, simply grab a couple of single seats. Rattan garden furniture is very versatile and fits in with any garden design. Also, it never goes out of fashion, so if you do upsize one day, you should find it easy to add to your pre-existing furniture.


If you would rather keep your space clear of furniture until it is needed, the easiest solution is seating that can be folded away and brought out at the last minute. Outback reclining chairs are a great example of comfortable, sturdy and convenient garden seating. The same goes for tables – if you’re not going to be using them very often, a simple foldaway table can be popped up as and when it’s needed.

There are all sorts of ways to get creative, no matter how small your space, so don’t be put off using your outdoor area to the max.

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