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Four must-have decorations for your Christmas tree

Christmas trees have come a long way since they first appeared in British homes in the 1800s. While some still opt for a real evergreen, many others realise the benefits of artificial Christmas trees, which are easy to pop up and don’t shed needles everywhere.

Regardless of whether you have real or artificial tree, here are some must-have Christmas decorations to make it complete:


The bauble is the classic Christmas tree decoration. Grab a pack of matching baubles for a beautifully synchronised tree, or spend years gathering meaningful keepsakes to build memories over the decades.

Fairy lights

The key to decorating a tree is to put the lights on first so that you don’t knock any decorations off as you drape the wires. From minimalist and plain white to multicoloured and flashing, the moment the lights are switched on, your home finally feels Christmassy.

Tree topper

Traditionally, a star or angel is placed at the top of the tree, but like most Christmas decorations these days, tree toppers come in all shapes and sizes. Try to pick one in keeping with the general size and shape of your tree so it doesn’t look top-heavy.

Tree skirt

A tree skirt is a covering for the base of your tree so that you don’t have any metal stands showing. From willow baskets to embroidered canopies, a tree skirt is a lovely way to finish off your tree and display your gifts underneath.

Whatever your tree looks like when it’s complete, enjoy the wonderful day of decorating and getting into the festive spirit.

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