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Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Tough Areas 20m.sq


Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Tough Areas is a blend of quick growing, hard wearing grass seed varieties. Ideal for over-seeding worn grass or filling in bare patches.

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  • Ideal near trees and shrubs
  • Grows in minimal sunlight
  • Aqua-Gel coated lawn seed
  • Hard wearing grass

How to Use

How to Use


  • Clear away any debris and remove/kill weeds before sowing.


New Lawn (or Patch Repair)

  • Dig over the soil to a depth of 20-25cm.
  • Break down any lumps and firm soil by treading it.
  • Level out using a rake, creating a flat and even surface.
  • Spread Gro-Sure® Lawn Seeding Soil over the surface to a 3-4 cm depth and level out.


Revitalising an Existing Lawn

  • Mow the lawn closely.
  • Rake or scarify the area to open up the soil surface.
  • Fill any shallow holes with Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing and level out.



  • Tip: in dry conditions, water the soil thoroughly the day before sowing.
  • Shake the box to mix up the lawn seed.
  • Lightly rake to incorporate the lawn seed into the soil.
  • Walk over or roll the sown area to press the lawn seed into the soil.



  • Water the area thoroughly using a fine-rose watering can or sprinkler, taking care not to wash the seeds away.
  • In dry conditions, water daily to maintain soil moisture levels until seed germinates.


When to Use

Optimal sowing is between March and October, however, there is a low temperature risk in March and October. June, July and August have a high temperature risk.

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