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Why Outback reclining chairs are some of the best money can buy

Perhaps the name makes you think that Outback products hail from Down Under, but this is in fact not the case. Outback’s range of outdoor equipment is designed in Britain, so their products are very much made with our lifestyle in mind.

The company’s products include barbecues and accessories, patio heaters and gazebos. It also sells some of the very best folding recliners on the market – all the better for enjoying those hot summer nights with a long, cool drink and the scent of chargrilling in the air.

Why Outback reclining chairs are different

There are lots of companies out there making high-quality garden furniture, so what makes Outback reclining chairs stand out?


Outback’s relaxer chairs can fold down in a matter of mere seconds. This means they are really easy to transport as well as store. You don’t need a lot of shed, garage or cupboard space to fit one or more of these compact beauties into your life. Whether it’s cold, wet, windy or just the middle of winter, you can keep these recliners handy for when the sun shines once more.


The fact that these chairs fold makes them extremely easy to take away with you. Whether you’re going to spend the day at the beach or planning a picnic in the forest, these chairs can fold in seconds, then be stashed in the boot of the car for when you want them. You can take them camping, or take them along so you can sit outside in the fresh air during a caravan holiday. You can even take them along to the park, so you can put your feet up and relax while the kids play.


We’ve established that these relaxers are compact, and portable too. Are they comfortable, though? Absolutely!

Outback has not missed the opportunity to create a seat that is as easy to relax in as it is to store or carry. There is a choice of six reclining positions, so it’s simple to find just the right angle for you. Padding has been added in the form of a headrest, seat cushion and even extra support for the lower back, to ensure you benefit from some entirely blissful down-time.


Outback reclining chairs are foldable, portable and even comfortable. What if you get just a little too relaxed, though, and forget to take them in with you at night?

No problem – these super relaxers are weather resistant, so they can take a bit of a battering from a rain or wind storm. They are also made from a quick-drying fabric, so if they do get wet then they won’t take too long to dry. Just in case the custodian of the barbecue gets a little over-enthusiastic, they are flame retardant too.

The frame is constructed from powder coated steel tubing, while the seat is made from PVC coated polyester, which makes these recliners super strong, yet ultra-lightweight.


Finally, Outback offer their recliners in green, beige or grey – a choice of neutral colours that will look good in any outdoor setting.

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