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Why aren’t birds using my feeder?

For bird lovers, there is nothing nicer than sitting quietly by the window watching the birds on bird feeders or a table.

Perhaps you have an abundance of feathered friends coming to visit, but what is the problem if your feeders remain full and there is nobody coming to dine? Here are some reasons why you’re not getting many birds visiting your feeder:


One of the largest deterrents for a bird is another creature that is a threat. Cats are a huge turn off, so try to keep your garden as enclosed as possible. Keep feeders and tables a few feet away from shrubbery and trees. This way, birds can quickly flee to cover, and predators can’t lurk over the top of them.

Other feeders in the area

It could be that your neighbours have feeders out too, and for whatever reason, the birds are flocking to their seeds instead. You could always have a chat with them and see if you can fill any gaps in the birds’ diets, encouraging them to visit your garden as well.

More time needed

Birds are cautious and a little fickle. If you have a new feeder in your collection, or it’s your first time putting one out, don’t worry if it takes a few weeks for them to feel confident about this new feeding spot. Sprinkle some seeds or dried mealworms on the ground near a feeder so it’s more likely to be discovered.

With a little patience and a few tweaks, it won’t be long until you’re enjoying a bird show in your back garden.

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