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All you need to know about ground feeding birds

There are a variety of options when it comes to feeding birds in your back garden. From bird tables to dining stations, suet balls to bird seed, it can be hard to know where to start.

However, different birds have different feeding habits, and the type of food and feeder you have will attract different breeds. Here, we take a look at ground feeding birds and what they like to eat.

What are ground feeding birds?

Ground feeding birds are those that like to hop along the ground, pecking and foraging, and they include robins, wrens and blackbirds. Their beaks tend to be more tweezer-like for stabbing and pinching at their food amongst grass and soil.

What they like to eat

To encourage ground feeding birds, try spreading dried mealworms or seeds on the ground, remembering to leave some space around the food so the birds can keep an eye open for predators. They also love a bit of grated cheese or soft fruit, like pears or bananas.

Points of caution

Remember, raisins and sultanas are toxic to dogs, so if you have a canine companion, don’t leave these foodstuffs out at the same time as them. You could use ground feeder tables so that it’s easy to move food up and out of the way. This also helps you to move the feeding area around your garden to reduce the risk of disease. Always feed to demand, and don’t leave unused food out on the ground – you run the risk of attracting rats.

As always, exercise patience when first starting a feeding regime. Birds take their time to investigate sometimes, but the wait is worth it.

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