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When should you put your Christmas decorations up?

This year has been a particularly challenging one due to the pandemic, and some people were putting up their Christmas decorations in the height of the second English lockdown to try to shine some light during a bleak situation.

There are varying opinions on when you should put the Christmas tree and decorations up, with different countries also having different traditions.

When is it traditional to put the tree up?

Here in the UK, it has become the norm to see Christmas lights on the High Street and in shops as early as late November, and they are often a welcome sight in the short days of winter.

Some people stick to the tradition of Advent, which is to put the tree up four Sundays before Christmas. Others have the view that it should be a Christmas Eve event. Some people spread it out over several days as they have so many decorations, whereas others have a tight space and would find the tree up for more than a fortnight too intrusive.

Psychological benefits

Some psychologists suggest that putting the decorations up early is good for your mental health. Fairy lights in particular bring a twinkly brightness, which is much needed during our dark winters in the UK. Not only that, but festive decorations generally incite feelings of goodwill and memories of happy, relaxing times.

There is nothing wrong with forging your own family traditions, of course, and this year more than ever, the main message is to do what makes you happy.

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