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What to do in the garden this May – Part 1

‘Don’t plant out till May is out’, the old saying goes. This definitely rings true this year; following an April heatwave, May has seen some overnight frosts, even in warmer parts of the country.

Some of the best jobs to do in your garden this May include those concerning the lawn, hedging, hanging baskets and the pond.

The lawn

• Fill any bald patches of lawn with turf. Level with compost, then bed in the turf
• Water regularly and walk on it as little as possible
• Set your mower blades at maximum height, and gradually lower week by week
• Apply fertiliser and weedkiller, if required, to existing lawns


• Check first for any birds that may be nesting inside
• Prune young hedge stems separately, while shears can be used on established hedging
• Cut away any leaves affected by blight, and do not add these to your compost heap

Hanging baskets and pots

• Plant your summer hanging baskets as well as any pots
• Keep in a treehouse or sunny porch for several weeks to encourage root growth and drought tolerance
• You can add water storage crystals and slow-release fertiliser to the baskets or pots at the planting up stage

The pond

• Remove any dead foliage and excess pondweed
• Check and clean any pond filters or pumps as required
• Start feeding fish once the water temperature passes 10°C

Once the hard work is done, relax on your Rattan garden furniture, and make the most of those early rays of sun – as well as the longer evenings.

In a few days, Part 2 will concentrate on flowers, fruit and vegetables.

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