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Three tips for taking your home office outside

If you are still working from home, you might be tempted to catch the last of the summer sun at the same time. If you have rattan garden furniture or another kind of furniture set, you can take your laptop outside to a ready-made desk and enjoy the fresh air while you work. Here are a few tips to bear in mind for the outdoor office worker:

Power and Wi-Fi

Unless your laptop has a lengthy battery life, you’ll probably need a power source at some point. You may have a power outlet outside already, but if not, you’ll either have to take a break when the battery dies or get set up with an extension cable. Your Wi-Fi can take a dip when you step outside as well, so you may need to boost it.

Opt for shade

While you may love to bask in the direct sun, your devices won’t. Tech tends to overheat quickly, so keep it happy and healthy by working in the shade. If your furniture isn’t placed in the shade, try to use a parasol at the height of the day. Some sets, like Supremo Barcelona garden furniture, come already equipped with a parasol.

Prepare for glare

Even if you are set up in a shady spot, natural light will result in some glare on your screen. Use a screen hood or get creative with some cardboard boxes to shade your devices.

These are all easy to implement tips for the occasional outdoor office worker. If you want to get really serious about getting out the house to work, you could go all out and set up shop in a shed or summer house.

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