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Three simple path ideas for your garden

A path in your garden adds character and invites you to meander or explore. Whether you have a small garden with hidden corners to delve into or a large space with several different features, laying a path can be a great addition. There are certainly some intricate ideas and structures to look into, but paths don’t have to be complicated. Here are a few ideas if you want to keep it simple:


Gravel can be laid down in any place and in any shape, and it goes well in any garden. Once laid, gravel paths are low maintenance. You can explore different stone sizes and colours or go for a combination to create some texture. If you go for this option, you will need to border your path to stop the gravel from spreading.


In a similar way to gravel, mulch can be laid down quickly and easily. It takes a little while to be pressed down, but regular footfall will do the job. It does require slightly more upkeep though, as the mulch may need changed every couple of years.


Sometimes, you don’t need to lay anything down at all. Simply mowing a path through long grass can create a beautiful and natural pathway. The only downside would be heavy use, which could cause the grass to wear thin over time. However, you could always mow a slightly different path each time, giving the ground some recovery time in between.

There are many more options to think about, but these ideas are great for those who want to keep it simple and cost-effective.

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