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Three easy ways to prepare your garden for summertime

As we step into March, it’s plain to see that summer’s almost in sight. This means that we have all of spring to start sprucing up our gardens to ensure we enjoy plenty of long days outdoors. Although we’ve been tucked up in the colder and rainy months, our gardens have had to weather the storms outside and may need a little love.

If your outdoor areas are in disarray, don’t worry, here are some simple steps you can try to get your garden prepped and ready for the summer season:

Make some space

Not every home across the UK has a large garden, but whatever the scale of your outdoor area, you can still make it feel more spacious with a tidy and trim. Stepping into your garden once more, you may find the winter has left it wild. Tidying untamed hedges, beds and bushes will not only make more space in your outdoor areas, but will also make them seem manicured and neater in an instant. You’ll find that sweeping leaves and removing any fallen branches or broken pots from storm damage will also add a far smarter appearance.

With room to work, you can now mow your lawn and weed out your flower beds to finish the job.

Find your furniture

Step into your shed next and reclaim your garden furniture from its long hibernation. If it’s a well-loved set that’s showing signs of wear and tear, don’t be afraid to replace it. Furniture that’s become shabby and drab won’t suit your new summer look, so why not treat yourself to an all-new table and chairs? From cushioned corner sets with glass tables to simple wooden options with plenty of style, you’ll find seating solutions available to suit a wide range of budgets.

When buying furniture for outdoors, always consider quality and storage. Garden tables and chairs should be well-made to ensure you won’t face the expense of replacing them next year. Consider where you will keep your new furnishings when autumn comes around too – some furniture will fold up for simple storage in your shed, but cleverly designed covers are also available to provide protection for larger pieces.

Add a splash of colour and light

Nothing brightens up a garden more than adding colour, apart from adding lights. Why not include both in your summer preparation? Purchasing colourful potted plants is an ideal option, but you can also string up some coloured bunting or add some bright new cushions and throws to your garden furniture. Nesting outdoor fairy lights in your hedges and bushes can extend your time outdoors, so you can enjoy those summer evenings for longer.

From buying some brand-new furniture for friends and family to relax on to tidying and brightening up your greenspaces, there are plenty of ways to prepare your garden for summer. With a little time and effort, and some supplies from your local garden centre, you’ll be all set in no time and ready to enjoy the summer.

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