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How to choose the right bird food for the season

If a dream scenario for you is lounging in your Supremo Tuscany reclining chair or sitting comfortably at your garden table and marvelling at the variety of birdlife in your garden, making the right bird food selections can make all the difference. Here’s a guide to selecting the right food for the time of year:

Autumn and winter food

In autumn and winter, birds need to eat more fat, as this helps them increase their reserves and build their own protective layer. Items such Honeyfield’s nutri-bombs are high-quality bird food specifically designed for winter. Making your own fat balls can be great fun too, but do stick to lard and suet, and avoid using any oils that have been used for cooking, as these can leave a sticky residue on feathers and cause problems.

Warmer weather choices

In spring and summer, nuts and seeds provide the essential protein that birds need. Great choices are sunflower seeds, millet and oatmeal. As long as you soak them well first, raisins and sultanas are very nutritious, and birds absolutely love peanuts, although they do need to be chopped into smaller bites to avoid being a choking hazard. Finely grated mild cheese can go down well too.

If you put out the right food, whether it’s on a bird table, a tree mounted bird box or in a simple hanging bird feeder, the birds will come. Once you’ve opened your bird café, you could visit the RSPB’s website and sign up for the Big Garden Birdwatch.

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