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Three easy-to-grow fruits

Right now, there’s a lot of chat about growing your own vegetables to enjoy fresh produce on your plate and make your food budget stretch further.

Nothing beats homegrown, freshly picked fruit, but which are the easiest to grow in UK climates?

1. Apples

Once established, apple trees are very easy to care for and require little intervention. Although there are hundreds of varieties, have a think about whether you want to grow eating or cooking apples as these are the two broad categories. A good garden centre, like ourselves at Burleydam, will get you started with all the information about establishing your apple tree.

2. Strawberries

Strawberries are very easy to grow and can be planted almost anywhere. You could put them in borders, planters or even hanging baskets. With the right care, protection from birds and insects, watering and weeding, strawberry plants can produce a good crop for four years.

3. Blackcurrants

These dark berries are not only lovely in jams, pies and cordials, but high in vitamin C too. They are easy to grow and, if you’re short on space, they can be grown in containers as well. Blackcurrants produce a good crop in mid-summer, giving your garden a great splash of colour among the flowers.

There are many other fruits that can thrive in the UK climate and even more that aren’t typically from our shores, but can flourish with the right care. At Burleydam Garden Centre, we have a wealth of information on how to get started.

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