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The benefits of pre-lit Christmas trees

There is nothing more frustrating than having to untangle Christmas lights each year and get them spread evenly on the tree in fully working order. If you’re ready to ditch the detangling, a pre-lit Christmas tree might be for you.

Taking the stress out of Christmas decorations

LED lights are built into pre-lit trees and are evenly spaced for the perfect display. You can opt for an undecorated tree, or one pre-loaded with baubles, so it really is just a matter of setting up the tree and plugging it in.

Unlike a real tree, a pre-lit artificial tree needs no maintenance, and it can be easily packed away and stored each year. Artificial trees are also non allergenic and flame retardant, making them a safe and stress-free choice. An impressive range of size and colour options means that you can match your tree to your home décor, creating a stylish, festive look.

Cost-effective and sustainable

While the initial outlay is greater than a standard artificial tree or a real tree, the fact that you don’t need to purchase extra Christmas lights needs to be factored in, as does the longevity of your pre-lit tree. Stored correctly, it should last a decade, and set against the carbon footprint of a real tree bought and recycled annually, a pre-lit tree can be a more sustainable choice.

Making one element of your Christmas preparations quicker and easier can free up precious time to spend focusing on the parts of the festive period you love, like relaxing with family and friends.

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