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Seven tips for a beautifully decorated Christmas tree

We all want a beautiful, elegant Christmas tree to brighten our homes during the dark days of winter. Here are seven top tips for decorating your Christmas tree this festive season:

Invest in the best

Before you begin to think about decorations, consider the tree itself. If you’re not using a freshly cut, real tree, then it’s worth investing in the best quality artificial Christmas tree you can afford. To help minimise wear and tear on your tree – as well as untangling sets of fairy lights every year – a pre-lit tree is a great idea. If you’re splashing out a lot of cash, it’s also wise to choose a classic tree that will never go out of style.

Put it up properly

When putting your tree up in December, make sure you assemble it properly before you start adding decorations. Separate and fluff out each branch, and if required, bend each into an attractive position.

Think of a theme

For a stylish, professional look, decide on a theme for your Christmas tree, perhaps tying this in with your overall festive decor. There are countless quirky themes you could pick for your tree – you could opt for a theme such as Japanese, Renaissance or Pop Art. Alternatively, choose a colour palette of complementary tones and stick to that.

Go beyond baubles

Baubles are not the only option for decorating a festive tree. You could also use other hanging decorations, such as stars, pinecones or candy canes, as well as tree picks. These come in various shapes and sizes, and can include branches, flowers, twigs and berries. Choose high-quality tree picks with bendable stems, and you can place them wherever you like. You could also add garlands and ribbons to your tree.

Size matters

Choose both the number and size of your baubles and other decorations according to the height of the tree. Having larger decorations close to the tree’s trunk can give the illusion of added depth, while smaller ones are best placed near the end of branches. Use three different sizes of bauble for the best effect, and as an approximate guide, you will need around 80 baubles for the average 7.5 foot Christmas tree.

Top it all off

To complete the decorations, you need to pick the right Christmas tree topper. This is a focal point, so make sure it looks beautiful and complements the theme or colour scheme of your decorations. It could be, for example, a twinkling star, fairy or angel.

Cover the bottom

Finally, it is time to take care of the bottom. You can either use a Christmas tree skirt or rug, depending on whether you have a tree with a stand or legs, or one sitting in a pot or basket. This covering will help to protect your floor, while also covering up any unsightly metal stands or legs.

Following these tips will ensure you have a beautifully decorated tree and a photogenic backdrop for your carefully wrapped gifts on Christmas morning.

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