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Making a Christmas wreath your own

You can make your own Christmas wreath, but an easier way to create something personal to you is to start with a ready-made real or artificial wreath. You can then decorate this to create a wreathe that co-ordinates with your outdoor Christmas lights, or is simply unique to you.

You will need:

A wreath

You may use a real or artificial wreath, and you could of course reuse the latter in years to come.

Fairy lights

A small string of battery-powered lights is ideal.


You can use anything from sprigs of holly or ivy, dried cinnamon sticks or slices of orange, to baubles, bows and ribbon.

Tools and equipment

You will also need gardening gloves and a pair of secateurs or strong scissors. You may also require some garden wire for attaching sprigs of foliage to the wreath.

Step by step

Once you have gathered all the necessary components and equipment, you can get on with decorating your wreath.

Light it up

Wind the string of lights around the wreath, hiding the battery pack behind it.

Design your wreath

This may be the most creative and exciting part! Place the wreath on a table or other surface and play around with your chosen decorations, until you have a finished look you are happy with.

Decorate your wreath

You can use garden wire to attach springs of foliage, while cord or ribbon is ideal for securing baubles.
Add a hanger

You can use a wreath hanger if hanging on a door. Otherwise, use garden wire or ribbon to create a hanging loop.

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