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Love your flowers this August

A sunny August day is one of the best times of year to enjoy your garden and Supremo Bari garden furniture, so make sure your patch is aesthetically pleasing by tending to your flowering plants carefully in late summer.

Floral tasks for August


Deadhead roses regularly, trimming just above the stem’s top leaf. Lilies also benefit from being deadheaded, as this makes for better growth next year. Perennials and bedding plants can also be deadheaded, to ensure autumn flowering and prevent self-seeding.

Cut back and prune

Trim back any faded perennials to maintain a tidy plot, and cut back lavender that has flowered to prevent outsized plants.Prune wisteria post-flowering by removing side-shoots to around five leaves from the base. Herbs can be cut back, and they are more likely to produce fresh leaves for autumn if you do so.

Support and water

Support tall flowering plants like lilies, dahlias and other perennials by providing bamboo stakes.

Ensure rhododendrons and camellias are well-watered in preparation for September budding.

Mow and sow

If you have a wildflower meadow, mowing it during August will help to scatter the seeds. Check for clematis wilt, which will present itself as black patches on leaves and stems, and cut out any infected areas.

Sow hardy annuals such as myosotis, eschschlozia or calendula directly into flowerbeds, to flower next spring and summer. Cornflower and feverfew can also be sown into their flowering positions, as can the seeds of perennials like cyclamen, potentilla, hederifolium or cheiranthus.

Wild spring primroses and cowslips can be sown into trays and placed in a cold frame.

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