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How to water your garden effectively

Today is National Water a Flower Day, which offers a timely reminder of the importance of targeted, tailored and balanced watering. Here’s a guide to watering your garden well:

How often should you water?

Water less often, but thoroughly. Even in a warm, dry spell, flower beds should only need watering twice a week. Your aim is to avoid plant roots drying out, so keep both surrounding soil and the base of the plant moist and be wary of soaking the leaves and flowers, as dampness makes them more vulnerable to diseases like leaf mould, and to damage caused by sunlight being magnified through water droplets.

How much water do plants need?

This depends on the plants in question. Keeping plant labels so you can refer to the printed watering advice is extremely helpful. Always water thoroughly, but tailor the regularity to the plant. Remember, too, that overwatering is just as damaging as underwatering, so be prepared to take your time – water a little and then wait to see how much water is absorbed before continuing.

When should you water?

Always water as late in the day as possible, so the soil will have cooled, and less evaporation will take place. Plants are very efficient at stocking up on water and nutrients in cooler, night-time temperatures.

How can you be more efficient with water in your garden?

An automated watering system on a timer for pots and hanging baskets is a great way to ensure your plants are well watered. Add a moisture sensor to guarantee that your containers are never overwatered.

You can keep the setting around your supremo Palermo garden furniture looking its best by following these simple tips.

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