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How to spruce up your parasol ready for the summer

Getting the garden and outdoor eating area ready for summer is a job most of us enjoy, and will be particularly looking forward to at the moment! While it is usually top of our list to wash down, clean or repaint garden furniture, it’s also a good idea to give your parasol a bit of TLC too.

The importance of looking after your parasol

Without the cooling shade of a parasol, whether cantilever or not, summer lunches and long afternoons in the sun can be quite difficult. Parasols need just as much attention as a lovely set of garden furniture, such as the Lifestyle garden furniture collection, to stay looking good and lasting for several seasons.

They must be stored correctly during the winter to prevent mildew, cleaned and covered over, and placed in a dry shed or garage until they are needed again.

A fun job for a sunny day

Make the most of the first sunny day, by take out your parasol and freshen it up – practicing social distancing, of course!

First, fully open the parasol and with a soft bristle brush, remove any debris or loose dirt and dust. Fill a bucket with warm soapy water, and if there is any mildew, add about 500ml of white vinegar. Using a soft cloth or sponge, wash the parasol thoroughly all over. Any stubborn mildew can be gently removed with your soft bristle brush. Wash all the struts and the pole, including the base, and rinse off with a hosepipe or buckets of clean water.

Leave it open to fully air dry, and your parasol will be fresh and clean, ready to enjoy throughout the summer months.

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