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How to eat outside without being bothered by flies

There is nothing better than getting your rattan garden furniture decked out with cushions and the table loaded up with bowls of salad, plates of BBQ meat, and snacks and dips. Eating outside is one of the best bits of summer, but not so welcome are the pesky visitors that crowd around your food. How can you stop flies and wasps from ruining your garden dinner party?

1. Keep the drink covered

Whether it is wine, beer or soft drinks, flies are attracted to anything sugary or yeasty. You will probably want something other than water to drink, but consider keeping drinks in covered jugs, using cups with lids and wiping up spills swiftly.

2. Try some fans

Flies struggle to be airborne as soon as it is even a little windy. You could go all out with ceiling fans if you have a permanently covered garden area, but electric fans on extension cables can be set up if flies are very troublesome

3. Move the rubbish bins

Flies are attracted to places like bins and compost heaps, so bear this in mind when first setting up your furniture area. If you are tight on space and can’t help having everything in close quarters, you can wheel your bins to a temporary spot as far away as possible while you eat.

4. Herbs that repel

There are some herbs that naturally repel flies. If you are a keen gardener, you may have these growing already, but they are easy to get hold of if not. Basil, lavender, mint, lemongrass and rosemary work well. Put them in a jar or vase and pop it in the middle of the table. It looks good too!

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