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Gardening jobs for July – Other odds and ends

We’ve already focused on fruit and veg, flowers and your greenhouse. Now we take a look at other essential garden jobs for July, that you should complete before relaxing with a cool drink on your Supremo Bari garden furniture.

Lawn love

Take care of your lawn by applying lawn fertilisers or weedkillers as required. During hot weather, raise your mower blades to protect the grass, and water regularly.

Water the soil

Rather than watering the leaves of plants, water around the base to ensure roots are sufficiently hydrated.

Pots and hanging baskets

Water all containers very well during hot weather, and feed every two to four weeks with a liquid fertiliser.

Bird baths

Make sure you keep bird baths topped up during dry, sunny weather, to keep your feathered friends happy.

Mildew watch

Watch out for powdery mildew, and remove the afflicted parts of plants before treating with a fungicide to prevent spread.

Aphid control

Check the undersides of foliage, and if there are any aphids you can rub them off or use an insecticide.

Lily beetles

Check for scarlet lily beetles, and remove any that you find before crushing. Check underneath lily leaves too, for their sticky brown larvae.

Wilting plants

If your potted plants wilt and there is no obvious cause, tip them out and check for the creamy maggots of vine weevils among the roots. If needed, use nematodes to treat this problem.

Stop slugs

Use appropriate pest control or copper tape to prevent immature plants being attacked by slugs.

Get composting

Chop and mix up your kitchen and garden waste to product new compost.

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