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Four reasons why you should grow your own

With the hype around ‘farm to fork”, food miles and locally sourced produce found in the finest restaurants, is there any better way to access the freshest produce than growing it yourself?

This may seem like a new idea, but generations ago, a lot of what many families consumed had been grown by themselves. Any decent chef will stress the importance of top quality produce, so here are four reasons why you should get started:

1. The wonder of creation

Many new gardeners are amazed by the fact that they’ve grown something from seed, seeing the circle of life complete when they harvest their own fresh produce that they’ve seen take shape, from seed to seedling, feeding and watering, then harvesting and finally eating.

2. Taste comes first

The shape and size of the produce does not matter; producing vegetables that are full of flavour and still packed with nutrients does. Grow something that you and your family love to eat, even if it’s just one crop in that initial year.

3. You don’t need a large plot

All sorts of fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown in pots or other containers – even larger produce such as potatoes can be grown in bags. Crops that regrow – known as cut-and-come-again varieties – are ideal for beginners. Examples include rocket, lettuces and spinach. Herbs and chilies are also simple and rewarding to grow.

4. You don’t need the right soil

Raised beds are the ideal solution to soil issues such as poor drainage. and are also great for those whose bending ability is limited.

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