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Four benefits of raised beds

If you’ve been surveying the garden of late, you may have been pondering what, if any, changes you might like to make in 2020.

Something that can give a garden a dramatic makeover is the use of raised beds. There are several benefits to growing flowers or produce in this way, which include the following:

1. They change your garden’s appearance

A change is as good as a rest, as they say. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, perhaps you hanker after something a little different to look at, especially if it’s of varying sizes and heights? Adding raised beds gives depth and character to a tired garden, and they have several other key advantages besides.

2. They change what you can grow

If you think certain plants simply won’t grow in your garden because of the type of soil, think again. You can fill each raised bed with whatever types of soil or compost the plants require, making raised beds a godsend for those whose gardens contain poorly draining or alkaline soils, for example.

3. They change the height at which you garden

This can be a key benefit for anyone with mobility issues, as raised beds can be placed as high or low down as you like, which is perfect for those who have trouble with repeated bending.

4. They keep things tidy

Adding neat raised beds to a garden instantly gives your plot a streamlined appearance, where growth takes place within the confines of a tidy, defined area.

Why not consider adding some wooden, brick or wicker beds to your garden this year?

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