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Five household items that can double up as planters

If you are running out of plant pots or simply want to create a truly unique look in your garden, you can use all sorts of everyday items around your house as planters. The possibilities are endless really, but here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Teacups

Teacups are great for small succulents that don’t grow fast. You could have a one-off place up a corner of a patio or a full tea party scene! If you like this idea but don’t have teacups, charity shops usually have loads of old-fashioned crockery pieces.

2. Tin cans

Most people use tin cans, so rather than throwing them into the recycling, you could soak the labels off and use them as planters. Keep the metallic look or paint them in bold bright colours or pretty pastels.

3. Glass jars

Glass jars of all shapes and sizes make excellent planters. What’s nice is that you see the roots growing up the sides of the glass.

4. Toilet

Perhaps not for everyone, but if you’re updating your bathroom, you could always upcycle your loo! Paint it in fresh colours, throw some soil in the bowl and let flowers spill out over the edges.

5. Wellie boots

If your wellies have sprung a leak and are no use as footwear, you could use them as a novel planter. They look fun and rustic in a front porch or nestled amongst the shrubs in the garden.

The list goes on for planter ideas, so why not have a rummage around your home and see what could work?

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