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A guide to sweet peas

Easy to grow in any garden, with attractive density and a seemingly endless supply of pretty blooms for cutting, sweet peas are firm favourites in many gardens. If you’re considering growing these flowers this year, here’s a handy guide.

How to grow sweet peas

The beauty of sweet peas is their adaptability. Grown in a row between upright bamboo canes, most varieties will grow to head height and produce flowers along their whole length. You’ll need to tame the eager horizontal growths by tying them loosely with twine, but they’re very efficient climbers and need very little training once they get started.

If space is more limited, a simple wigwam of canes will provide you with a pyramid of colour. For even more compact displays, sweet peas do well in patio containers, and they would look lovely next to some Supremo Palermo garden furniture. There are several dwarf varieties for lower-growing container displays on balconies, or simply for use as bedding plants in a border.

Sweet pea varieties

With charmingly romantic names like Mrs Bernard Jones, Gwendoline, King Edward VII and Blue Velvet, choosing a variety depends on the height you wish to achieve and the colours you find most appealing. Mixed variety packs in pastel shades or more vibrant colour schemes are widely available and ensure you get the overall colour palette most suited to your garden.

A long flowering season means that your home will soon be filled with vases overspilling with these gorgeous flowers, and you can enjoy their fragrance throughout the summer months.

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